Mucem, Le Môle Passédat

Mucem, Le Môle Passédat

Le Môle Passedat

4 modes de restauration avec Gérald Passedat

Perched on the roof of the MuCEM, Le Môle Passedat offers an unbeatable view of the Mediterranean and Marseille Cathedral La Major. Our team will welcome you to this extraordinary location where we will offer you the different facets of the chef’s cuisine.

Cuisine and culture according to Gérald Passedat

Le Petit Nice’s three-star chef, Gérald Passedat, wanted to partner with the MuCEM because food is an integral part of Mediterranean culture.

To create Le Môle Passedat, the chef devised multiple spaces dedicated to its discovery: a restaurant with a panoramic view and a terrace on which to savour his cuisine at your own pace, a bistro serving its own variations on mezze, food stands serving quick and tasty bites, a café at Fort Saint-Jean for traditional cuisine, a cooking school and a Mediterranean kitchen garden.

Varied culinary offerings will preserve the spirit of the chef’s cuisine and adapt to each guest’s tastes and appetite.

—Mediterranean cuisine
—Seasonal produce
—An immense flavour palette to discover

Sharing the Mediterranean means sharing the full diversity of Mediterranean cuisines, hinging on motions and products.

Gérald Passedat

Mucem, Le Môle, La Table

Le Môle, La Table

At the top of the J4 building, the spectacle of the sea awaits diners at La Table: the docks, the port, and boats coming and going. The restaurant seats 80 guests and offers fresh, hybridized fare.

A prix fixe menu that changes with the seasons, including fish, meat and vegetarian options.

Lunch 12:00-2:30
Lunch prix fixe menu €55 (incl. VAT)
Dinner 7:30-10:30
Dinner prix fixe menu €75 (incl. VAT)

Closed: Tuesday all day & Sunday evening (except in July and August)
Discover the menus and reserve a table

Mucem, Le Môle, La Cuisine

Le Môle, La Cuisine

Alongside La Table, the top floor of the J4 is also home to La Cuisine, a large, warm space that seats 130 guests, designed with a communal spirit in mind. The main course (fish, meat or vegetarian) is served at the table, whilst the starters and desserts are self-service.

Lunch 12:00-4:00
Dinner Closed
Starter buffet €19.50 (incl. VAT)
Starter buffet + desserts €24.50 (incl. VAT)
Starter buffet + choice of hot main course + desserts €35 (incl. VAT)

Closed: Tuesday

Mucem, Le Môle, Le café

Le Môle, Le Café

A living space nestled amidst the gardens, Le Café is the perfect spot for enjoying a drink, a snack or a meal with friends, inside or out on the terrace. On the menu is traditional Marseilles fare.

Summer season 11:00-6:30 – open Fridays until 10:00
Winter season 11:00-5:30
Plat du jour starting from €18 (incl. VAT)

Closed: Tuesday

Le Môle, Cooking School

Inside the Fort Saint-Jean, a cooking school lets you discover all the secrets of Chef Gérald Passedat. Cooking classes are available year round for up to 10 adult participants.

Class schedule and reservations

Le Môle, Le Kiosque

The Mediterranean to take away and enjoy on the go, on the ground floor of the J4.

Le Môle, Events

We can offer you bespoke services for your events: breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks, gala dinners, cocktail receptions, weddings, and the list goes on.

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