Mucem, Éditions du Mucem

Mucem, Éditions du Mucem

The Mucem publications


With around ten titles published in the first year of the museum being open, Mucem publications provide the opportunity to extend the discovery of the artistic, scientific, historical and documentary heritage preserved there.

The books give a new and different perspective to the objects, placing them in a historical, critical and iconographic context. Each title responds to this with the beauty of its illustrations and the scientific quality of its contributions, written by leading specialists. Historians, anthropologists, researchers and writers offer new insights into the themes covered by the permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Others are more specifically attached to telling the story of the buildings and the spectacular architecture of the three buildings that make up Mucem.

Some books are joint publications with private publishers. In this case it is the distributor that is responsible for selling them in the bookshop.

All the editions published by Mucem are available at the museum bookshop.


The Mucem publications (in French)