During the closure of the Mucem,

Programming continues onlineand the gardens of the fort Saint-Jean remain open to the public from 9am 5pm 7 days a week.

Le Mucem chez vous

  • Mon nom est personne Actualité

    Virtual visit

    Visit or re-visit the exhibition “My name is nobody” as if you were there!

  • Vous accueillir en toute sécurité au Mucem © Julie Cohen

    Greeting visitors in complete safety

    As of 29 June 2020, the Mucem is open daily for the summer from 10am to 8pm except Tuesdays. Exhibitions are free of charge until Monday 20 July inclusive.…

  • Centre de conservation et de ressources collections © Yves Inchierman, Mucem.jpg

    Life under lockdown

    Suggest to the Mucem's conservation team objects or documents that bear witness to your experience of daily life under lockdown.

  • Parcours architectural, mucem J4, FSJ © Spassky Fischer, Mucem

    Architectural visit of the Mucem

    Discover the Mucem J4 and the fort Saint-Jean, its architectural and historical connection to the distant past.

  • Le Mucem sur Google Arts & Culture

    Museum view of the Mucem on Google Arts &...

    Streetview visits of J4 and the fort Saint-Jean, a plunge into the Mucem's reserves, the flagship objects of its collections, ...

  • Le Mucem est sur Youtube

    The Mucem also on Youtube

    Conferences, debates, shows, artist profiles ... Relive the Mucem's cultural programme on the museum’s Youtube channel. 

  • Voyage voyages, Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff co-commissaire de l'exposition avec Christine Poullain

    « Voyage, voyages » reopens ... online

    The curators of the exhibition invite you to (re)discover new artistic horizons with increased content, from the comfort of your home.

  • Exposition Jean Dubuffet, un barbare en Europe

    Virtual visit

    Visit the exhibition "Jean Dubuffet, a barbarian in Europe" – a chance to (re)discover the work and career of the inventor of Art Brut.

  • Plongée dans les réserves du Mucem

    The Mucem reserves at 360°

    Take a dive into the Mucem’s reserves at the Centre de conservation et de ressources.

  • Visite virtuelle de l'exposition Georges Henri Rivière. Voir, c'est comprendre Mucem

    Virtual visit

    Visit or revisit the exhibition "Georges Henri Rivière. Seeing is understanding" as if you were in the museum.


Exhibition From 4 November 2020 to 22 February 2021

  • The exhibition sets out the portrait of the “artist as a folklorist” who, influenced by the anthropological dimension of art and a new museography of everyday life in the 1970s, borrow from ethnologists methods of investigation and collecting, before moving on to those of classification and reconstruction.

Exhibition From 14 July 2018 to 14 July 2021

  • The Galerie des Officiers invites us for a visual wander through the history of this Marseillais fortress

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