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  • Mucem J4 © Spassky Fischer Mucem

    Mucem — J4

  • Mucem - Place d'Armes © Lisa Ricciotti

    Mucem — Place d'Armes

  • Mucem - Toit terrasse du J4

    Mucem — Toit terrasse du J4

  • Mucem - Jardin des migrations © Spassky Fischer Mucem

    Mucem — Jardin des migrations

  • Mucem - Coursives ® Lisa Ricciotti

    Mucem — Coursives

  • Mucem - Solarium

    Mucem — Solarium

  • Mucem - Fort Saint-Jean © Yves Inchierman

    Mucem — Fort Saint-Jean

  • Mucem J4 Résille © Spassky Fischer Mucem

    Mucem — J4 Résille

  • CCR © Spassky Fischer Mucem

    Mucem — CCR


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Guided visits

  • Gabriel Popof © Mucem

    Grand Tour of the Mucem

    Is this your first time at the Mucem ? If so, this tour is for you. Let yourself be guided through the permanent exhibition, as well as the museum’s indoor and outdoor areas (J4 and Fort Saint-Jean), and gain a better view of the diversity of the museum’s collections, learn the secrets of the bui…

The Mucem in museum view on Google Arts & Culture

Mucem © Spassky Fischer

Mucem—J4 Mucem—Fort Saint-Jean Mucem—Tour du Fanal Centre for Conservation and Resources

Explore the programme of activities

There’s more happening at the Mucem than exhibitions! Highlights and special events, installations and strolls, meetings and discussions, outdoor shows and concerts, cinema, game tours and other activities for kids, and the list goes on. One thing’s for sure: you certainly won’t be bored!

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The Mucem is strictly applying the security measures decided by the French authorities to ensure the safety of our visitors.
Bags and luggage are not allowed on-site. Thank you for your understanding.  
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and delay which may be caused by the extra security checks at the entrance.