Interxion, the second largest global data centre operator, is an interconnection hub that guides companies through their digital transformation. Thanks to a network of 45 data centres located in 11 European countries, Interxion lets companies host, exchange and distribute their data in a secure environment.

In France, Interxion has branches in Paris and Marseille. The presence of undersea cables servicing Africa, the Middle East and Asia made Marseille a top-tier digital hub whose development Interxion plans to support through the construction of new infrastructure. That is why, after opening a first data centre in 2014, Interxion has continued to invest in Marseille in the form of MRS2, its second data centre there, the first stone of which will be laid in June 2017.  

The operator is engaged alongside the Mucem as a Founding Patron under a four year partnership, with special support for the new Mediterranean Gallery which opened in November 2017.