What’s in the Garden of Migration?

As a cultural melting pot, the Garden of Migration* and its plants serve as memorials that contribute to a shared history. This “cultural garden” at the heart of the MuCEM is a reflection of biodiversity, offering an original perspective on plant migrations thanks to mixed perspectives on traditional uses, including in Jewish, Muslim and Christian pharmacopoeias from every shore of the Mediterranean. In the context of a dry garden, this unique botanical collection of Mediterranean plants is open to visitors all year round, regardless of periods of bloom.

Spreading out over the upper level of the ramparts of the Fort Saint-Jean, the Garden of Migration also offers a unique panoramic view of Marseille, where the historical and cultural layers of the Phocean City can be peeled back one after the other. You will need to go around them several times, climb the stairs, lose yourself, and retrace your steps in order to grasp the full scale of the famous “tableaux” and different views found at each level around the fort’s Place d’Armes.

Jean-Laurent Félizia, Head Gardener of the Garden of Migration

* The Ministry of Culture and Communication has entrusted the arrangement of the fort’s outdoor spaces to Agence APS, a team of landscape gardeners, town planners and architects based in Valence.