Mucem, I2MP

Mucem, I2MP

Researchers at the museum

Post doctorates

Every year, three post-doctorates join the team of three post-doctorates chosen from the call for applicants, in partnership with the Labexmed the French School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences EHESS. They continue with their work in both the connected laboratories and at the Mucem

Emmanuelle Hellio

Sociologist, LEST/Mucem/Labexmed
Her research project ‘From the invention of agriculture to the new Gods of food globalisation’ deals with the growth of intensive agriculture in the Mediterranean and the migrations related to seasonal employment. The ethnography of several families in the Moroccan Rif and Gharb in this context demonstrates the effects of this seasonal migration on the habitat, land use and marital and familial configurations.

Giulia Fabbiano

Sociologist, Idemec/Mucem/Labexmed
n the context of the hub ‘mobilities, communication, mixing’, the programme ‘Return(s): policies, poetics, practices’ deals with mobility considered from the original angle of returning ‘home’ based on a series of surveys undertaken in Algeria and Mucem archives. The first field surveys were undertaken at Tiaret and Algiers. Alongside this, a qualitative survey was undertaken among 10 groups of visitors to the Made in Algeria exhibition.

Study Day ‘Space(s) of returning’ 8 and 9 December 2016, in partnership with the Idemec and the Labexmed. Coordination with Giulia Fabbiano and Azita Bathaïe.

Saker El Nour

Anthropologist, Mucem/EHESS/Norbert Elias Centre
His research programme on ‘Socio-economic transformations in rural Egypt’ links the ethnographic data to qualitative analyses of environmental sciences in the field, carried out in Upper Egypt (Assouan). His work contributed to the development of the Agriculture and food hub (particularly on the theme of the Mediterranean diet).

Study day ‘Mediterranean food : historical analyses and museological questioning’  4 and 5 May 2017. Coordination with Saker El Nour and Edouard de Laubrie.

Kinda Chaib

Historian, Iremam/Mucem/Labexmed
Her research has dealt with ’imagery of martyrs in a violent context’ in South Lebanon during commemorative events organised by the Hezbollah or among cultural managers of, in particular, museums, communicators, makers of films and objects, sympathisers and scout associations. These document the construction and circulation of codes and references in the depiction of the martyr. This can be seen in the dramaturgy of the parade through the gesture and the clothes worn and in objects collected by militants and the religious (such as flags, banners, derivative objects)

Study day ‘Showing and being shown : martyrs staged in the public space (Lebanon, Iran)‘ 4 and 5 November 2016. In partnership with the Iremam and the Labexmed.

Monthly seminar 2016-2017 ‘The fabrication of the image in the Arab and Muslim worlds’
Coordination with Kinda Chaib and Mathilde Chèvre

Lucile Gruntz

Anthropologist, LPED/Mucem/Labexmed
As part of the preparation for the exhibition ‘Life of Waste’, she has undertaken field surveys in Tunisia and Morocco.

Yann Philippe Tastevin

Anthropologist CNE/Mucem/Labexmed
Commissioner associated with the ‘Life of Waste’ exhibition, he has, with the General Commissioner, co-ordinated the collated surveys nd preparatory research seminars. Today he is in charge of research at the LISST (University of Toulouse)

2016 seminar ‘Trash and Innovations’.
In partnership with the EHESS and the Techniqe and Cultures review.
Coordination with Yann-Philippe Tastevin and Frédéric Joulian.

2015 seminars ‘The economy of waste and recycling in the Mediterranean’.

Manoël Penicaud

Anthropologist, Idemec/ Mucem/Labexmed
Associated commissioner for exhibition ‘Shared Saints’ locations’, he has co-ordinated and led with the exhibition general commissioner Dionigi Albera the preparatory collated surveys
Today he is in charge of research at the Idemec.


International researchers in residence

Research residencies are made available on a regular basis in partnership with the Imera Foundation and the Camargo Foundation

Aramis Lopez

Researcher and curator, is leading a survey ‘Love in Mediterranean cities’ as part of an Imera/Mucem residence.

Rima Djahine

Artist, in partnership with the Camargo Foundation.

Marion Slitine

Doctorate in anthropology: thesis on the worlds of contemporary art in the Palestinian territories since 1990.
During her Camargo/Mucem residence she co-ordinated the study day ‘Unexpected Gaza: contemporary artistic creations, between confinement and opening up’. 21 March 2016

Franz Fischnaller

His project ‘New Generation Interaction in Cultural Heritage‘ ave rise, among other things, to the seminar ‘Museums as cultural, urban, creative interface’.

Cifre doctorates

Renaud Chantraine

Renaud Chantraine is undertaking a doctoral thesis in anthropology on ‘The patrimonialisation of sexual minorities. Comparative approaches: France, the Netherlands, Germany’ and on the study of the enhancement in value of significant assets arising from the collated survey on the memories and fight against AIDS.
Seminar 2016-2017 Pandemic :AIDS

Nicolas Doduik

Nicolas Doduik has chosen as his sociology thesis subject the ‘Implementation of experimental digital mediation’ and is working at the Public Department.

Research and training at the Mucem