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“Life under lockdown”


Centre de conservation et de ressources collections © Yves Inchierman, Mucem
Centre de conservation et de ressources (CCR) du Mucem © Yves Inchierman, Mucem

At a time when at the beginning of the 21st century, half of the world's population is living under lockdown, no one can deny that we are going through an unprecedented period, which is turning our lives upside down.
As a museum of the contemporary and the everyday, it is impossible for the Mucem not to cast its eye on this exceptional situation and, as such, is calling for the participation of those who wish to support it collect traces of these extraordinary times.

The Mucem launches a call for donations


A chance to offer objects or documents that for you symbolize, embody, or speak of daily life under lockdown. What objects do you think express the situation in which you live, work, spend time with, or connect to your children's home schooling? Which objects speak of the way you organize yourself when you leave your home, and of your relationships with others, be they near or far, at home and abroad, in France or elsewhere?

The Mucem is in search of those objects that have become the indispensable items of our lockdowned lives — unexpected or surprising; officially produced or homemade; creators of connection or symbols of isolation; expressing the tremendous solidarity and support being put in place or, on the contrary, of tendencies to reject and fear? 

How to make an offer of a donation 

Offers of donations are made by email to 

Every offer of a donation must be accompanied by:
—one or more photos of the object (of which, if possible, of the object in its usual context of usage or manufacture);
—a testimonial (spoken or a few written lines) explaining the reason for the donation and its importance in your present context.

All proposals received will be studied with the utmost attention by the museum's conservation team. If the proposal is accepted, the team will be in touch after the lockdown period to organize receipt of the object by the museum.

The collection will end on 31 May 2020. 


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