The public establishment

This national public administration establishment overseen by the Minister with responsibility for Culture has the statutory aim of “conserving and presenting to the public cultural assets that are representative of the arts and civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean, whilst situating them within their historical and anthropological perspective. The establishment contributes to the study and understanding of these civilisations and to the exploration of the links that unite Europe and the Mediterranean by all scientific and cultural means. It is involved in the enrichment and diffusion of thinking about the issues that affect the civilisations and societies of Europe and the Mediterranean. Its work encompasses the dual perspective of international co-operation and territorial development”.

The establishment is run by a president (Pierre-Olivier Costa), who is appointed by decree. This president presides over the board of directors and the scientific orientation board. The president is assisted by a director of scientific affairs and collections (Émilie Girard) and by a general administrator (Olivier Donat).



The board of directors

Board of directors .pdf


Scientific Orientation Board

The Mucem Scientific Orientation Board is the statutory body consulted to deal with the establishment’s scientific and cultural direction. Its opinions are presented to the Mucem board of directors.

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Scientific and cultural project

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Management Report

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Organisational chart

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