© Julie Cohen / Mucem

© Julie Cohen / Mucem

The Plant Festival

Mucem 10 ans


Its springtime, let’s all go to the Fort Saint-Jean! Mucem’s Fête des Plantes (Plant Festival) is intended to create a great time for sharing and discussing for all people who love nature and are concerned about environmental matters and protecting all living things.

How do we design sustainable agriculture? Develop local distribution networks? Save biodiversity? Make a natural garden at home? Alongside an organic market, conferences and round tables will bring together thinkers, scientists, whistle-blowers, major experts and ordinary gardeners to envisage realistic solutions that can be applied immediately!

The Fête des Plantes also provides an opportunity to (re)discover the Garden of Migrations: an actual garden with a route you can follow to discover the history of Mediterranean vegetation and its uses, illustrating the intermingling of cultures in the Mediterranean and telling the story of the link between people and plants over millennia.

Place Mucem, fort Saint-Jean— Fort Saint-Jean
Day and time Saturday 30 March 2024 at 10h00

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  • Saturday 30 March 2024 at 10h00

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