Vêtements modèles par deToujours © Mucem, Julie Cohen

Vêtements modèles par deToujours © Mucem, Julie Cohen

Model clothing by deTOUJOURS

Mucem summer concept-store

Linking to the exhibition “Model Clothing”, deTOUJOURS takes over the Mucem's summer boutique at the fort Saint-Jean with a selection of original clothing for sale. Coming from the worlds of work, sports, and regional traditions, they are always designed with reference to their first manufacturers, yet constantly reinterpreted by fashion.

Through this selection of clothing taken from all walks of life and various functions, a special tribute will be paid to the history of Marseille through two specific themes: Provencal and seafarer.

The selection is topped off with collaborations with local designers (ceramics with FRANCA, DJ Rebel's exclusive collection of vintage vinyls, ...); a line of products inspired by the exhibition and the Mucem; and lastly, durable, vintage summer products (sunglasses and vintage summer dresses, Levi's 501, ...).

The boutique MODEL CLOTHING will also host various meetings and events: presentations of products by their traditional manufacturers, a listen of vinyl records with DJ Rebel, pottery workshop with the creators of FRANCA, etc.

At the source of style: deTOUJOURS

Founded by Isabelle Crampes in 2014 in Marseille, deTOUJOURS is an online boutique, which offers original items from the history of fashion. More than a boutique, it is a living conservatory of the history of clothing. Collecting originals of specific styles, their stories are told and their value as pieces of living heritage is promoted around the world. deTOUJOURS is a new approach to sustainable, cultural fashion that values traditional know-how with a perennial selection of high quality garments whose style crosses eras, constantly inspiring the fashion industry.

Work clothes

—Adolphe Lafont (moleskine work jacket, salopettes, and overalls)
—Eminence (mesh twill vest, underwear)
—-Sugar (longshoreman's vest)
—Army surplus (desert military shirt, navy t-shirts, and French navy shirt) 
—Le Minor (blue striped French “Marinière” jumper)
—China blue ensemble


—Arthur Beale (English submariner’s jumper, pea jackets, sailor’s bags)
—Balmoral (cricket jumpers)
—Guy Cotten (yellow anorak, Breton sailor’s cap)
—Riudavets (Balearic sailor’s sandals)

Traditional clothing

—Moroccan craftwork (Moroccan basket)
—Provencal craftwork (Provencal hat)
—Romanian craftwork (Romanian jacket)
—Bosabo (French clog)
—Houston Kiltmakers (Scottish kilt)
—La Botte Gardiane (gladiator sandal and boots)
—La Manual (Catalan espadrille)
—Les Indiennes de Nîmes (herdsman’s clothing)
—Laulhère (Basque beret, commando’s beret, Alpine beret, etc.)
—Olney (English straw boater hat)


Practical information

From 29 June to 31 December 2020
The fort Saint-Jean (located next to the fort Saint-Jean ticket office on the extension of the Saint-Laurent footbridge)


Exhibition « Model Clothing »

From the tank top to jogging pants and French blue workwear to the kilt and the espadrille, follow the journey of these five pieces across time and fashion trends.