Fonds Epicurien

The Fonds Epicurien became a Mucem patron in 2015 when it sponsored the exhibition Invention of Agricultures, Birth of Gods, Section 1 of the Mediterranean Gallery.

The mission of the Fonds Epicurien, created in Provence in 2014, is to support not-for-profit initiatives and projects that showcase our region’s products and expertise: honey, olives, cheese, bread, and more.

The Fonds Epicurien contributes to the development of local initiatives and to the reach of the region, and is committed to those working in the domain.

The Fonds Epicurien helps to direct sponsors’ donations to projects that promote a taste for wonderful things, traditions and innovations, pleasure and sharing.

Encouraging those projects means contributing to the development of our region’s appeal and creating jobs.

The fund’s donors want to participate in local civic actions and gain a better understanding of regional initiatives in that arena.

With this in mind, the Fonds Epicurien decided to support the Mucem, a site that is emblematic of our territory.

The exhibition Invention of Agricultures, Birth of Gods, pays tribute to the bounty of the Mediterranean world and to the ingenuity of the people who, 10,000 years ago, took control over nature and developed agriculture and livestock farming.

Multiple themes cover the unique features of Mediterranean forms of agriculture, based on the cultivation of wheat, olive trees and grapevines, thanks to our mastery of water and the land, and on animal husbandry.