Camille-Lacourt © Mucem

Camille Lacourt

European swimming champion

“It’s one of the most gorgeous monuments in Marseille.”


Jean-Pierre Darroussin © Mucem

Jean-Pierre Darroussin


“It’s a success because it reconciles the inner city with the port, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. You can feel that the people of Marseille are proud to have this place, to have a great museum in their city. And this desire to revitalize through modern architecture, to connect the old barracks with this contemporary cube, is a wonderful aspiration. At night, when you enter the port, it’s just beautiful.”

Rudy Ricciotti © Mucem

Rudy Ricciotti

Architect of Mucem

“The Mucem is more about territory than architecture, a place that fosters sharing, an open hand, and empathy towards its visitors. A trip through light, through shadow, through the latticework, through the entire Mediterranean.”