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250,000 objects

150,000 works

350,000 photographs

100 000 affiches et estampes

100,000 postcards

80,000 sound recordings

At the Centre for Conservation and Resources, a 75 m2 room is reserved for viewing collections of objects conserved by the Mucem.


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Immerse yourself in the vastness of the Mucem collections, and browse through the fascinating themes brought to you by our curators. You’re guaranteed to learn something new – there’s nothing like it! 

  • Mucem, Dessine-moi un lion

    Draw Me a Lion

    The Animal Art of Gustave Soury

    Lions, tigers, panthers, bears, elephants, kangaroos, camels, cats, dogs, and more... Is there a creature on earth who escaped the meticulous illustrations of Gustave Soury, the portraitist of circus animals?

  • Talisman juif sur parchemin invoquant les anges, Alsace, XVIII—XIXe siècle

    Beware of sorcerers!

    Magic and sorcery: some of us consider them laughable superstitions, others firmly believe, and many are uncertain. Without taking a position on the matter, the Mucem has preserved many reminders of the importance, and even violence, of the practice of magic in France, Europe and around the Mediterranean.

  • Mucem, Mai 68 et les œuvres contestataires

    May 1968 and Protest Pieces: To Arts, Citizens!

    Protest movements, social movements, and more: the MuCEM preserves the memory of these demonstrations that made their mark on history. Posters, leaflets and banners are the fragile witnesses of these people’s rallies. Discover a selection of creations from May 1968.

Enquête collecte à Latina, 2015 et 2016

The Mucem on the ground, specializing in collection surveys

The Mucem is pursuing its policy of surveys that make it unique and that have helped to foster a better understanding of the world in which we live today.  Discover the latest ethnographic surveys onducted in Europe and the Mediterranean, through which objects both tangible and intangible that bear itness to the evolution of human society were gathered: graffiti, football (supporters and amateurs), the economics of remains, and the cork oak in the Mediterranean.


The Trocadero Exposition Universal, 1900, Paris, France

A brief history of the collections

From the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions to the MuCEM, and from the Palais de Chaillot to the shores of the Mediterranean, discover nearly a century’s worth of astonishing stories that made it possible to build up exceptionally rich, unique collections.