Total Foundation

Present in Martigues since 1935 thanks to its La Mède Refinery, the Total Group has always paid special, careful attention to the culture and heritage of this region, where its business has historically been based. After providing significant support to Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture (Le Grand Atelier du Midi exhibition), and following on from a large number of restoration projects designed to revitalize the local heritage, the Total Foundation continues to celebrate the influence and cultural heritage of Marseille and its region.

For example, having already sponsored the first opus of the exhibition Seafaring Adventurers, presented at the Arab World Institute in 2016, the Total Foundation wanted to continue those travels at the Mucem in 2017.

Embarking on Mediterranean routes going all the way to the edges of the Indian Ocean, we will see that the wealth of trade between the seas of the Ancient World formed the medieval beginnings of the first globalization of the world. We will sail toward an encounter with the evolution of science and technology and will discover the artistic, cultural and social fruit of that trade.

In this fascinating exhibition, we will realize the extent to which the art and culture of today – and yesterday – foster a better understanding of the world, as well as encounters with the Other.

About the Total Foundation

Through its cultural patronage, the Total Foundation participates in the spread of cultures and the preservation of the heritage of its regions of operations. It supports access to culture for one and all, particularly for young people.

The diversity and complementarity of the actions that it supports make the Total Foundation one of the leading French patrons of the arts.