Sponsor of the exhibition Café In
25 October 2016—22 January 2017

TechnicoFlor is a company that creates and manufactures fragrance compositions, operating on the land of the Phocean City for nearly 35 years.

Over the course of those years, the TechnicoFlor Group acquired international dimensions while still holding onto its modest size. In the interest of promoting the culture of perfume in the region, TechnicoFlor is happy and proud to contribute to the economic, cultural and social dynamics of the areas where it has a presence.

Backed by its skills and expertise in olfactory creations, TechnicoFlor has concocted olfactory notes that are emitted by kiosks in order to illustrate the world of coffee, offering visitors a veritable sensory immersion. From the coffee blossom to the famous beverage, by way of roasted beans, TechnicoFlor invites you to discover the olfactory properties of this multi-faceted drink as you explore the Café In exhibition. The re-creation of a 1920s Parisian café and its olfactory atmosphere plunge visitors into the warm world of coffee appreciation.