During the closure of the Mucem,

Programming continues online and the gardens of the fort Saint-Jean remain open to the public from 9am 6pm 7 days a week.


Established for 40 years on the area of Marseille in Allauch, TechnicoFlor creates, imagines and manufactures the perfumes of tomorrow, and supplies the biggest brands in perfumery, cosmetics and hygiene worldwide. 

In a perpetual quest for inspiration for its Perfumers, as well as new green actions to lead, TechnicoFlor wants to contribute to the economic, cultural, social and environmental dynamism of the areas where it operates. 
In 2016, as a sponsor of the CaféIn exhibition, TechnicoFlor plunged us into the universe of coffee. The fragrances created by its « Noses » were diffused by olfactory terminal, giving the public a real sensory immersion. As a committed Perfumer, TechnicoFlor is once again supporting the Mucem for its permanent exhibition « Le grand Mezzé ». 

The Mucem wanted to call on TechnicoFlor’s know-how to create an olfactory mediation tool, which will enrich the visitors’ experience by offering the public the chance to discover the typical scents of Mediterranean food.