Synonymes © Guy Ferrandis / SBS Productions

Synonymes © Guy Ferrandis / SBS Productions

Séances de rattrapage

Édition 2019

During the month of August, the Mucem becomes the major meeting point for cinephiles. "Catch-up sessions" is a program of films screened in the auditorium of the museum, making it the only arthouse cinema open at this time of the year in Marseille. 

From 5 to 31 August, a new film is screened each day (screening at 3pm and 6pm on weekdays and 4pm on Sundays)—in all, 27 films to enjoy over 27 days. The program includes a selection of recent films, released between September 2018 and April 2019, as well as some that have never been screened in Marseille.

Unsung masterpieces, rare works, documentaries, fiction, … make August the month for a catch-up treat and those must-see films!

Program designed with William Benedetto, director of the Cinéma L’Alhambra.
Presentation by William Benedetto (Cinéma L’Alhambra)

“With the participation of the Cinéma L’Alhambra, the Mucem presents a selection of films released between September 2018 and April 2019. These 27 works invite us on an awesome journey in sound and pictures. Cinema is indeed one of the most universal arts, allowing us from the comfort of pleasant seating in front of a huge screen to go far away and escape so as to better appreciate that sometimes the very far is actually rather close. These 27 films also make up a world atlas of independent filmmaking that is underscored by powerful forms and aesthetics. Some promising early films form the backbone of this summer program, with others confirming the talent of authors in the making, as well as others whose work has already been recognized. Cinema allows us to push back all the barriers and, for the duration of a screening, give us the feeling of belonging to the world’s vast diversity.”