A brand new partnership with the National Heritage Institute

The Mucem and the National Heritage Institute ‘Institut National du Patrimoine’ (Inp) have joined forces to create a training programme within the confines of the Mediterranean Institute of Heritage Crafts that is designed to facilitate professional encounters throughout the Mediterranean basin area.
These three-day sessions are aimed at all heritage professionals in the domains of conservation, restoration, site management and also outreach work. The training relates to a wide definition of heritage that is both tangible and intangible.
This training meets the requirements for Inp registration, and is payable.
The programme enjoys the support of the Circle of enterprises of the Friends of the Mucem, enabling in certain cases support to be provided for professionals from the Mediterranean basin area to take part in the training. Well over a dozen or so professionals have been able to join us in this way every year.

2017 Programme

27—28 April Stony materials, about them, conservation and restoration
21—23 June Industrial heritage: studying, conserving and valuing machines
4—6 October One littoral, more littorals: the natural and cultural heritage of the littoral in the Mediterranean
11—13 October Knowing how to take the right shots in order to reconstitute in three dimensions
15—17 November Religious heritages
22—24 November Managing risks for heritage: combatting theft, malicious behaviour and the illicit trafficking of cultural assets

Former programmes
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Customised training

The Mucem has, for 2016 and 2017, arranged specific training together with a longer duration course for five students of the first Masters in Museology set up in Morocco by the National Institute of Archaeological Sciences and Heritage. The initiative was set up in close partnership with the conservation services of the museums of Marseille, and was supported by the National Centre for the Rights of Man in Morocco.

Partnership with the Louvre School

The Mucem hosts the regional courses of the Louvre School l’Ecole du Louvre. These take place on Mondays at the Germaine Tillion Auditorium.
Information, prices and registration at:

2016—2017 Programme:

Course 1

The primitive Flemish: the staged perspective.
—10 sessions, from 12 September 2016 to 5 December 2016. 3pm-4.30pm.

Course 2

General History of Art, 3rd year.
—<20 sessions from 12 September 2016 to 12 June 2017./p>

Course 3

Detail painting: perspectives and indiscretions.
—7 sessions from 26 September to 21 November 2016.

Course 4

On the boundary of art : french collections during the second world war.
—5 sessions from 27 February to 27 March 2017.

Course 5

Angkor and Khmer Art (9th-13th centuries) : a Royal city in Southeast Asia.
—5 sessions from 27 February to 27 March 2017.

Course 6

The secrets of the human body revealed by the arts, from the Renaissance to the 21st Century.
—5 sessions from 15 May to 19 June 2017.

Museology workshops

Ethnomuseology placement for Masters students at the Ecole du Louvre (Louvre School) : a week to produce an exhibition sequence on a given theme in society based on field surveys at Marseille and the museum’s collections!
Programme à venir

Doctoral workshops

Rethinking the Mediterranean. In partnership with the Labexmed and Aix-Marseille Université.
Culture of/at urban margin.
Doctoral college of Mediterranean heritage in partnership with the Inp and the AUF.