Groupama Méditerranée

Sponsor of the exhibitions Parades and Seafaring Adventurers
29 June—24 October 2016 / 6 June—9 October 2017

As the leading general insurance provider in its region, and a financial and banking partner, Groupama Méditerranée is a top-tier economic actor and employer. The company has been able to capitalize on its expertise as a historical agricultural insurer and its capacity for continuous innovation.

Established in 14 departments along the Mediterranean, including the PACA region, this regional company offers a local presence and excellent responsiveness to its members: individuals, farmers, professionals, companies, associations and local governments.

More than 1,500 employees working at 247 sales offices and five management sites (including in Aix-en-Provence) are available to provide 438,000 members with quality service.

Over and above its core business, Groupama Méditerranée is a major actor in its territory, into which it reinjects €1 million daily to create synergies between the different components of local life.

Thanks to the dedication of 3,200 volunteer elected representatives on the ground, the company initiates and joins forces with a multitude of actions and partnerships that drive and breathe new life into the area's economic, sporting and cultural fabric.

So it was only natural for Groupama to engage with the Mucem, contributing to the cultural influence of the region.

As a continuation of its support for the Parades exhibition, Groupama Méditerranée sponsored Seafaring Adventurers.

Just like the men who braved seas and oceans to open up new passageways, intensify trading networks and create the world of tomorrow, Groupama Méditerranée bases its core values on confidence, solidarity and excellence to build a sustainable future for itself.

Like the voyagers of yore, the regional company has turned its attention to the future whilst participating in the history of its region.