La Boutique d'été © Mucem

La Boutique d'été © Mucem

La Boutique d'été


By Benjamin Clément—Matthieu Gamet

From 12 to 30 December 2018, the Gift shop moves from summer to winter opening times with a broad range of Mucem gift ideas for the end of year festivities.
Check out its creative, sparkling vision at its concept store of the fort Saint-Jean. In the spirit of a Christmas basked in sunshine, the shop will showcase the expertise and culture of Marseille with a selection of products created by local artisans specialist in crafts, design, decoration, fashion, gastronomy, etc.

Brands ans designers

A Day In, Atelier Bartavelle, Ciergerie des Prémontrés, de Toujours, Il était un Fil, J’ai vu la Vierge, Jonsen Island, Kinjo Art, Koska, La Baleine à Cabosse, La Minotte, Le Marseillais, Les Rhums du Sud, Lolita Pico, Lundi Neuf, OMY, So Kpsul, Spring Macramé, Tap-Tap Objets, The Line, Toka-Toka, Waiting for the Sun.


Practical informations

At the fort Saint-Jean
From 12 to 30 December 2018
Every day from 11am to 6pm except Tuesdays.

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