Three tour options

1 Guided tours with a Mucem speaker

General Tour: The Fundamentals of the Mucem

A tour of the J4’s permanent exhibition and the site’s exterior to discover the buildings and understand the vocation of a museum of civilizations. Length: 1:30 hrs

History and Architecture Tour: The Fundamentals of the Buildings

A tour of the museum’s outdoor spaces to discover the site’s magnificence, its architecture, its gardens and the history of the Fort Saint-Jean. Length: 1:30 hrs

Exhibition Tours

Gallery of the Mediterranean Tour
Come discover the Mediterranean! This tour will help you to understand how the unique cultural features of this font of civilization came to be. Length: 1:30 hrs

Temporary Exhibitions
Length: 1 hr or 1:30 hrs, depending on the exhibition

Outdoor Tours

Architectural Tour of the J4: Behind the scenes discovery of the construction of the J4 building by architect Rudy Ricciotti, Roland Carta’s partner, and the issues that arose in terms of the construction of the Mucem in a historical district in mid-transformation.
Length: 1 hr

Historic Tour of the Fort Saint-Jean: Plunge into the secular history of an emblem of Marseille, a 26-hundred-year-old city, through its squares and buildings.
Length: 1 hr

Garden Tour: Discover the Mucem’s gardens, a veritable open book of the history of plant migrations around the Mediterranean.


2 Independent tours

As a group, you can opt for a self-guided tour with your own speaker or group leader. Reservations required for tours of the exhibition spaces and the exterior of the Mucem (J4 and Fort Saint-Jean).

3 Independent tours with audio guides

Gallery of the Mediterranean, historic tour of the fort and the Garden of Migration Available in French, English, German, Italian or Spanish, as well as in French Sign Language and audio descriptions of the Gallery of the Mediterranean
Temporary exhibitions In French and English

Tour prices

Guided tours with a Mucem speaker

The prices include the reservation fee, the guide, admission tickets and audiophone equipment, as available.

8 to 25 people : 1 hr: €290 / 1:30: €320
Small group of up to 7 people: 1 hr: €220 / 1:30: €240

Independent tours

Reservation fee: €35
Up to 25 people, including the guide, plus Mucem admission

Independent tours with audio guides

Reservation fee: €35
Audio guide rental: €3.5
Up to 25 people, including the guide, plus Mucem admission

Tour and booking conditions

Days and hours of group tours

Every day except Tuesday and the first Sunday of the month. A time slot is reserved for groups from 9 to 11 am, except in July and August.

Starting at 11 am, group time slots are available, depending on the museum’s programme of activities. Reservations required at least two weeks in advance for guided tours and one week in advance for independent tours.

Daily from 9 am to 6 pm +33 (0)4 84 35 13 13

Meeting points and times

Groups with reservations must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled tour time, as stated on the booking confirmation.

Before 11 am: J4 group entrance only
After 11 am: J4 or Fort Saint-Jean group entrance

Entrance via the St Laurent footbridge is not allowed.


A cloakroom is available to individuals and groups in the basement level (-1) of the J4.