During the closure of the Mucem,

Programming continues online and the gardens of the fort Saint-Jean remain open to the public from 9am 6pm 7 days a week.

Engie Corporate Foundation

Sponsor of the Garden of Migration and of the Mucem’s unifying projects

The Mucem’s success can be explained in large part by the decision that was made to offer free access to its outdoor spaces. The Garden of Migration, designed by the landscape gardening firm APS and located at Fort Saint-Jean, is at the heart of the system. This dry, eco-responsible Mediterranean garden is arranged in a route that is both sensory and educational, describing the multiple ways that plants have been incorporated into landscapes and cultures. Located in the middle of the urban site, it constitutes one of the fundamental parts of the cultural venue formed by the Mucem. It is an amazing tool for raising public awareness to the stakes of biodiversity.

To develop and promote the Garden of Migration, the Mucem called upon the ENGIE Foundation, whose philosophy and actions are a continuation of the corporate, social and environmental commitment of the ENGIE Group, one of the leading global actors in the energy sector.

The ENGIE Corporate Foundation drives innovative philanthropic projects designed to transform the Group’s commitments into solidarity actions under the banner of “being useful to people”.

It carries out actions in three areas: children and young adults, energy access, and biodiversity and urban projects.

In the name of its third action area, “biodiversity and urban projects”, the GDF SUEZ Foundation decided to support the Mucem which offers a garden that guarantees biodiversity in the heart of Marseille.

Since 2015, the ENGIE Corporate Foundation has also supported unifying projects backed by the Mucem’s Visitor Services Department, in conjunction with the region’s sociocultural structures, and centred around the Mucem’s exhibitions (Panora’mixed in 2015, Babelmix in 2016 and Photo-novella in 2017).