During the closure of the Mucem,

Programming continues onlineand the gardens of the fort Saint-Jean remain open to the public from 9am 5pm 7 days a week.


Groupe Autogrill ® is the leading global operator in food and beverage services for travellers. Both a creator of modern restaurant concepts and a partner to major brand names, Autogrill® is driven by the aim of ensuring traveller wellbeing by making their experience ever more pleasant. Directly or through franchise arrangements, the group manages a portfolio of over 300 national and international restaurant brands.

For over 70 years and present today in 31 countries, the group manages over 4,000 restaurants and quick-service restaurants in airports, train stations, on
motorways, and in other sectors. Every year, over 900 millions customers eat and take a break in our establishments.

At Autogrill®, food is a passion. Inspired by great chefs for some of our concepts or developed by our expert partners, we ascribe paramount importance to meal breaks and aim to offer the very best of every recipe and product.

In our restaurant Bistrot, which marries “glocal” and fast casual, everything is done to put forward locally sourced products wherever a concept is established. We are supplied by regional artisans to offer local recipes prepared at the different counters (bakery, juice bar, pasta workshop, “street food”, etc) that make up the concept.

Bistrot is a concept we developed in a collaboration with the famous Italian gastronomic sciences university Pollenzo UNISG, whose founder Carlo Pietrini created the Slow Food movement.

Supporting the exhibition “Food for the Eyes - Two centuries photographing the French at mealtimes” was therefore a natural match for Autogrill® and perfectly illustrates its passion for cuisine, products and its expertise in meal breaks. Whether fast, seated or when on the go, shared with family, between friends or solo, our customs around eating never cease to evolve. We are proud to be associated with this event, not only as a witness, but equally as a major evolution driver around how food is consumed and how meals take place.