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The Children's Odyssey

An area dedicated to children aged 7 to 12 years

From the Children's Odyssey to the permanent exhibition in the Gallery of the Mediterranean, a fun and interactive tour invites children to travel through the Mediterranean region via seven stopovers and a selection of objects from the museum. Odysseus, character guide and narrator accompanies them throughout their visit.


1st STEP:

The Children's Odyssey, an introductory exhibition activity

Prisoner of the nymph Calypso, Odysseus is waiting for the magic formula that will allow him to go back to his island Ithaca and return home. Seven clues are hidden in the Children's Odyssey to create this magic formula.

Using multimedia tools (3D objects, touchscreens, etc.), the children's mission is to find these clues and face a variety of situations and lessons on the themes of the Gallery of the Mediterranean: agriculture, religion, citizenship, and travel in the Mediterranean.

This trip through the Mediterranean is a journey with several stopovers: discovery of local plants and foods in Egypt and in Tipaza, Algeria; a lesson of the origins of the famous Marseille soap; journey to Jerusalem, a city linked to three major religions (Christian, Jewish and Islamic); the adventure continues in Athens and Rome, the birthplaces of Western civilisation. The final stop of the trip is chosen by the children so they can visit a Mediterranean city they like or want to know more about.


2nd STEP:

Tour of the Gallery of the Mediterranean

When the clues have been collected in the Children's Odyssey, a touch pad is given to each child: a map of the Mediterranean guides them through the rooms of the gallery. At each stop, an interactive game is associated with an object in the collections, and tells its story.

Fourteen items of varying material, size, and shapes from different geographical, cultural and historical areas are studied. Everyday objects, religious, scientific or artistic works, which all tell a story related to the Mediterranean.



  • The Children's Odyssey is a 100 sqm space located on the ground floor of J4.
  • Families and school groups are welcomed by our museum assistants during opening hours of the museum.
  • Free admission on presentation of the Mucem ticket of an accompanying adult.



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