Sponsor of the exhibition Lives of Garbage
21 March—14 August 2017

In a context of resource scarcity, waste sorting and recovery have become a major stake for the climate and sustainable development.

SUEZ, a services and industrial solutions group specializing in sustainable resource management, guides cities and industries through their transition to a circular economy while preserving, optimizing and securing the resources that are essential to our future.

To serve its customers, SUEZ offers resource management and security solutions through its three business lines: water, recycling and recovery, and treatment solutions.

As the French leader in recycling and recovering solutions all types of waste as new material, energy and biological resources, SUEZ is active along the entire waste management chain: from studies and consulting, collection, sorting and dismantling to recycling, recovery and the marketing of the new resources, as well as specialized on-site and industrial services.

In 2017, the Mucem opens a debate on the waste economy!

This major societal challenge is at the very heart of SUEZ’s missions. The context in which we work is in the midst of a transformation. Rampant urbanization, changes in the global demography, and so on: natural resources are limited in a growing world. Consciousness of resource issues is ramping up. To ensure a future for us, we must now make a fundamental change to our relationships with our resources and transform our patterns of production and consumption.

We need to make the shift from an economy that “overconsumes” natural resources to one that not only optimizes resource management and use, but that takes it a step further, so that it is capable of producing the necessary resources for its development through the recovery of waste as new materials and energy and the creation of alternative water resources.

As a result, it was only natural for SUEZ, as a sustainability actor, to offer its support to the Mucem.

This project encourages environmental protection and public awareness of the issue. Our shared goal with this exhibition is to guide our societies’ transformation by transforming our waste into resources.