Study days and conferences

Conferences, study days, research seminars and training: the Mucem is working with its partners to organise thirty or so encounters a year that are open to the public. These contribute to diffusing the perspective brought to issues in contemporary society by human and social sciences and to nurture further thinking about the museum and its initiatives.

Museums and Human Sciences

How can we re-define the ethnographic object in the context of a museum of civilisations, dealing in a pluridisciplinary way with issues in society using objects and artworks? The seminars draw on both a practical point of view and a theoretical one in relation to the museographic selections of the museum and how these are implemented.

—Contemporary art and Museum of Human Sciences 
—The ethnographic survey in a museum of society
—Discussing the method

Fixed, animated or digital images

This focus area deals with interactions between research, museum and creation working from different ways that images can be brought to us. This process is envisaged today both as a mode of expression and of privileged innovation, as a complex device to construct representations (the production and reception environments, narratives and discursive constructions, polysemous interpretations), as a research tool applied to the museum (the methodology of collecting evidence in a museum context – museum audiovisual assets) and as an exhibition object.

—Jean Rouch Festival
—Filming research in social sciences: what is the scientific legitimacy?
—Making the image
—Another way of telling the story
—Project-workshops support a museum project for its duration of two to three years, including collated surveys, acquisition campaigns and exhibition projects through an inter-disciplinary consideration initiative that is often participative.
—The Mediterranean diet
—The time of the island
—Exhibiting pandemics, exhibiting AIDS
—The economy of waste, recycling, residues and innovation

Associated publications

Edition numérique: Métamorphoses des musées de société—Exposer/S’exposer
Catalogue de l'exposition Lieux saints partagés
Catalogue de l'exposition Vies d'ordures. De l'économie et des déchets
Revue Techniques & cultures, n°65—66: Réparer le monde