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Shop & Bookshop

Since 1927, the Maupetit-Actes Sud bookshop has promoted books on the famous Canebière. Currently, it is continuing this work at the J4 and the Fort Saint-Jean by joining in the MuCEM's ambitious project to shine the spotlight on the abundant assets of the Mediterranean countries and people and thereby reinforce the ties that bind them together.


As a leading bookshop in this sector, it offers readers, visitors from the local area or elsewhere, young or old, almost 36,000 books in French and foreign languages. It will welcome you at the Fort Saint-Jean, in an area that is oriented towards fun and games, where the books are located alongside puzzles, models and other curious objects.


This vast and relevant selection gives everyone a chance to improve their knowledge and find out more about the Mediterranean worlds in their diversity.


Exhibition catalogues, art books, books on the human sciences or even albums for children make it possible to pursue one's visit way beyond the confines of the museum.