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Suggested visits


To visit the MuCEM in two hours, you must make choices... Alone or in a group, a guided or self-guided tour, temporary or permanent exhibitions, tour of the Fort... several routes and assistance options are available.


  • For a first visit, you can discover the MuCEM through its buildings and permanent exhibition: The Gallery of the Mediterranean  in J4. The grand tour of the MuCEM offers a route tailored to discovering the places and collections for the first time, in 1 hour 30. 


  • Two guided tours explain the history of Fort Saint-Jean, for adults (historic visit) or as a family with children ("Fort Celebrations" activity tour). A multimedia guide is also available so you can visit this historic site in your own time, and explore its history and gardens. 


  • Your visit may also be devoted to temporary exhibitions, on the 2nd floor of J4 and in the Georges-Henri Rivière building of Fort Saint-Jean. The J4 exhibitions can be part of a guided tour or a self-guided visit using the multimedia guide. 


  • To top off your visit, don't forget to take a stroll around the parapets of the fort, offering views of the sea and the city. You can then check out the exhibition catalogues and a selection of books on the same topics in the bookstores, not forgetting to take a break in the café or restaurant, and admiring the views from the roof terrace. 



To make the most of your visit, the multimedia guide offers a range of tours with strong themes, through expert commentaries on a selection of objects.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German

Price: €2



Throughout your visit, in J4 and Fort Saint-Jean, exhibition assistants are present in the exhibition rooms to answer your questions.

Don't forget the free exhibition brochures available at the exhibition entrances and reception areas at Fort Saint-Jean: they give you additional information about each exhibition.




Planning a full day at the MuCEM gives you the time to truly discover this cultural centre, its five inaugural exhibitions and its daily events, as well as its two buildings. 

Every day, a programme of meetings and debates, concerts, cinema and shows lets you get the most out of the museum. Between a guided tour and a film or conference, why not take a walk on the parapets of the fort, relax in the café or restaurant or wander around the bookstores.




Every Friday, the museum's late-night openings are an opportunity to take your time visiting the exhibits, before heading to the J4 restaurant, the auditorium, or the squares of Fort Saint-Jean in the summer. The daily programme of meetings and debates, concerts, films and performances lets you get more out of your visit, particularly when the topics are related to exhibitions.

Grand tour of the MuCEM: every Friday at 6.30pm (duration 1hr30)




There is never a dull moment at the MuCEM! To enjoy the many cultural offerings, our special cards give you discounts, priorities and benefits.

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