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Research and museum

Research contributes to the MuCEM’s scientific purpose, which, by its very nature, is research-oriented: trends in contemporary societies in Europe and the Mediterranean are viewed from an interdisciplinary point of view that ties societal and cultural approaches closely together.  The museum’s research relates to the process of developing active knowledge, but also to the specific ways that the museum displays that knowledge through its collections and its programme planning, and how it shares and transmits it to a diverse audience.



Guiding principles :

  • Understanding contemporary societal issues by contextualizing them 


  • Prioritizing a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary approach that involves all the humanities and social sciences, as well as a Euro-Mediterranean comparative approach


  • Developing new forms of knowledge by blending research methods with museum-specific methods (collection management, documentation and promotion, conservation, mediation, museum studies, etc.)


  • Mobilizing the scientific community by reinforcing partnerships with researchers and research laboratories at the national and international levels



Space dedicated to professional and scientific exchanges

With conference rooms and classrooms, as well as a documentation centre, Fort Saint-Jean offers an area dedicated to research and training in the premises of the Mediterranean Institute for Heritage Professions (I2MP).