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Exhibitions at the CCR

Experimental exhibitions

The Centre for Conservation and Resources has an exhibition room that plays host to unusual, experimental and innovative exhibitions.


To make the CCR a true museum incubator, the MuCEM decided to set up a programme of exhibitions dedicated to outside curators from various backgrounds (artistic directors, architects, visual artists, collectors, choreographers, writers and more), invited to take a fresh look at its collections. In the past, they have all proved their taste for artwork, objects and collections, for mixing genres and for their interest in an interpretative perspective that departs from the beaten path.


The MuCEM has asked them to explore its collections and select an original angle of attack and a specific issue, to put their own spin on the pieces. This is a deviation from a strictly anthropological approach, opening the museum’s doors up to other scientific and artistic disciplines and leaving space for a new vision with a little more distance, perhaps a bit off-beat, to highlight the strength of the multiplicity of the MuCEM’s collections.


Coordination of the CCR’s programme of exhibitions:

Emilie Girard, Curator and Head of the Centre for Conservation and Resources, and Jean-Roch Bouiller, Curator in charge of Contemporary Art.


Information and reservations:

04 84 35 14 00



MuCEM – Centre de Conservation et de Ressources

1, rue Clovis Hugues

13003 Marseille



Getting here

Bus: Line 49 (Belle de mai La Friche stop) or line 52 (Pole média or Archives municipales stop)

Metro: Line 1 or 2 (Gare St Charles stop)

Tram: T1 (Longchamp stop)


Please note: As a security measure, we ask that you bring official identification with you when you visit the CCR.


Past exhibitions
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Past exhibitions
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