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The cuisine of Gérald Passédat at the MuCEM

Le Môle Passédat

The first thing that we share in the Mediterranean, is bread, and the food that accompanies it.
Cuisine is an integral part of Mediterranean culture, and Gerald Passédat wanted to join the Mucem to share this passion for the land, the products, the art of preparing these all around the Mediterranean basin.

Sharing the Mediterranean and sharing Mediterranean cuisine is a simple gesture; it is a gathering of people around a table. Gérald Passédat therefore offers a menu that is accessible to all, a cuisine where the main pleasure is enjoying it together. Gerald Passédat will open different dining areas:

  •  On the top floor of the MUCEM, a restaurant and a bar with views of the Mediterranean.
  •  On the ground floor of the museum, a kiosk for tasty snacks
  •  At Fort Saint Jean, a café and culinary school.


Le Môle Passédat, La Table (Restaurant - Toit terrasse MuCEM J4)
Menu à partir de 43 €


Le Môle Passédat, La Cuisine (Bistrot – Toit terrasse MuCEM J4)
Formule buffet à partir de 17,50 €


Le Môle Passédat, Café (Kiosque – Rez-de-chaussée MuCEM J4)
Menu à partir de 31 €


Le Môle Passédat, Ecole de cuisine (Café – Bâtiment GHR fort Saint Jean)
Ouverture en septembre



Le Môle Passédat du J4 se situe sur le toit-terrasse du J4.    Selon vos envies, Gérald Passédat et ses équipes vous...
1917: Germain Passédat buys Villa Corinthe, soon renamed Le Petit Nice. 1924: Luxia Alabern, opera singer and Louis Lumière...