A.D.T. International

Sponsor of the exhibition After Babel, Translations
13 December 2016—20 March 2017

A.D.T. International has become a reference on the professional translation market. The group was founded 20 years ago and was given fresh momentum in 2011 with the opening of a new entity in Châteauneuf-lès-Martigues by Peggy Santerre. She soon made A.D.T. International’s presence felt in the South of France, translating documents from any domain (medicine, cosmetics, patents, legal affairs, marketing, software, tourism, and more) into more than 80 languages. For more than five years now, she and her team have been supporting the linguistic needs of local, national and international companies and institutions.

A.D.T. International offers translations of printed documents (contracts, brochures, instructions, manuals, etc.) and web files (web pages, software, applications, etc.), as well as interpreting services for conferences, meetings and guided tours (with or without interpreting equipment).

The success of this company based near Marseille has been recognized through various distinctions, including the National Trophy Les Femmes de l’Economie, International, the Medal of Honour from the Bouches-du-Rhône Department, and the list goes on. In August 2016, Peggy Santerre was also appointed a French Foreign Trade Advisor for a three year term. She takes this commitment seriously, from her desire to support the development of foreign trade and the attractiveness of our country.

It was from that same perspective that she decided this year to sponsor the exhibition After Babel, Translations, produced by the Mucem.

In helping this new exhibition come to fruition and leading workshops for middle school students, all of the staff at A.D.T. International and their Managing Director are delighted and proud to be contributing to French corporate engagement with artistic and cultural activities in France.

In addition to putting her experience and her skills to work, this is also a fantastic opportunity to review the basics of the career of translator, study how the profession has changed and open her team up for new projects and assignments.